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EP #26 - Logan Summers

In this episode Zack sits down with the one and only Logan Summers to learn more about the man and his work with the camera.

EP #25 - The Business Module

This episode we dive into our Business Module and explain why it's so valuable to aspiring outdoor photographers.

EP #24 - Instagram Q&A

In this episode Zack tackles some Instagram Questions that were submitted a few weeks ago by some of our Instagram followers.

EP #23 - Proposals and Pitches

Zack Boughton discusses some keys when creating a proposal or pitch to send to a prospective client.

EP #22 - Kill Shots with Steven Drake

Drake discusses kill shots and whether as hunters we should show them on social media.

EP #21 - Full Time vs. Freelance

In this episode Zack and Steve discuss the differences between full time employment and freelance work.  Zack recently began working at Stone Glacier full time.

EP #20 - FAQ with Steven Drake and Zack Boughton

In this episode we go through some of the top questions that Steven Drake consistently gets asked on Instagram.

EP #19 - Hunt Recap with Derek Nelson Part 2

We follow up with Part 2 where Derek Nelson and I recap the rest of our New Mexico archery elk hunt.

EP #18 - Hunt Recap with Derek Nelson Part 1

In this episode I do a hunt recap with Derek Nelson from Mathews Archery.  I was hired to come shoot video and photos of the hunt and we decided it would be cool to recap the hunt and all the ups and downs of chasing elk with the bow.

EP #17 - Don’t Give Your Work Away For Free

Steven Drake and Zack Boughton discuss why there is almost never a situation where you should give your work away for free.

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