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EP #16 - Trophy Hunting

Zack Boughton and Steven Drake give their takes on Trophy Hunting and why being a Trophy Hunter isn't a bad thing.

EP #15 - Self-Photographing Your Hunts with Steven Drake and Zack Boughton

Steven Drake and Zack Boughton sit down and talk about shoot photos on your own hunt and how to best go about it.

EP #14 - Simon Carlson

We sit down with Simon Carlson to hear more about him, how he liked The Hunting Photographer course and what his plans are.  He is a student at Montana State University, an aspiring photographer/content creator and an avid waterfowl hunter.

EP #13 - Season Update with Steven Drake

We catch up with Steven Drake and talk about the start of his season, sheep hunts up North, living off Mountain House, and broken lenses.

EP #12 - Cheat Codes with Craig Francis

On this episode we continue a conversation we had with Craig Francis.  He gives us his insight on how upcoming photographer's should go about approaching and landing jobs with new clients.

EP #11 - Lyle Hebel

We sit down with Lyle Hebel from Stone Glacier.  He drops some serious knowledge bombs about pricing your work, portfolios and websites, and social media and branding.

EP #10 - Breaking Through The Noise

In this episode we talk about ways to uniquely shoot and view your work as a photographer so that your imagery makes a splash and gets eyeballs.

EP #9 - Technical Skills vs Business Skills

In this podcast we talk about what's more important, technical camera skills or your business skills as a photographer.

EP #8 - The Lifestyle

In this podcast we talk about the lifestyle as a Hunting Photographer.


Steven Drake and Zack Boughton sit down and talk about Sitka Gear's photo contest Diverge 8 as well as discussing "Harvest" photos.

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