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EP #38 - Steven Drake Sheep Hunt Recap

In this episode Steven Drake talks about a multi-week trip documenting a sheep hunt for SITKA Gear. He discusses camera gear, how he felt he performed, what steps he'll take to improve, and how good physical health can make or break a mountain hunting photographer.

EP #37 - Preseason Rundown with the guys

Steven Drake and Zack Boughton get together and catch up on all things hunting, work, photography, and more.

EP #36 - Border Bulls and Shed Hunting

Zack Boughton and Steven Drake sit down and talk about the recent elk film Zack directed and edited called Border Bulls.  The guys dive into Drake's recent shed hunting and include some general content and industry advice like always. Enjoy!

EP#35 - Vlog life, camera settings, social media and more

Zack and Drake sit down and try to lay out some more relevant knowledge about the world of hunting content.

EP #34 - Q&A - The Industry and More

On this episode Zack tackles some Questions from the Hunting Photog Instagram page.  Topics include where the industry is heading, how to get eyeballs on your content, camera gear, and approaching brands and clients.

EP #33 - Signing Deals

Zack and Steven talk about landing gigs with brands, what that looks like, best practices and more.  We also discuss internships, Zoleo, renting lenses and some tips from the field.

EP #32 - Fall Season Update

Hunting season is finally over and Zack gets Steven to run through his season and how everything went. 

EP #31 - The Band is Back!

On today's episode Zack and Steven finally find time to link up and throw down a bit more knowledge and insight about the world of hunting and photography.  We start off by answering some questions from our followers and dive down many a rabbit hole.

EP #30 - Andrew Whitney

I talk with Andrew Whitney as we drive home from an elk scouting trip.  From his start in the industry, to why he loves elk hunting, all about archery, backpacks, gear, politics and more.

EP #29 - Lightroom

Steven Drake and Zack Boughton sit down and discuss Lightroom. The guys talk about their process editing photos and how great Lightroom is for photographers.

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