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EP #44 - Logan Summers

On this episode we have on the one and only Logan Summers. Zack and Logan get into work, photography, film, precision shooting, and much much more in this almost 2 hour episode. Strap in and listen up kids!

EP #43 - Thinking Like An Agency

On this podcast Zack talks about thinking like an agency when approaching brands and how you can get a free 50mm lens with the purchase of our full online course and mentorship.

EP #42 - Brett Seng

On this episode Zack Boughton and guest Brett Seng dive deep into the complexities of creating content for social media and how to interact with the platform as a content creator in the hunting industry. We also touch on some of Brett's background and a recent article penned by Matt Rinella.

EP #41 - The Photographer‘s Mindset

On today's episode Zack Boughton talks about how to position your mind before going on a hunting photoshoot.

EP #40 - The 4 letter word that will try to own you

On this episode Zack talks about something that will keep you from taking risks and achieving your goals both in life and also in your business of photography.

EP #39 - Leveling Up Your Photography

Instructor Zack Boughton sits down and talks about how and why leveling up is a must in the photography game. This is a great episode for anyone wrapping up another year and getting ready to make 2022 their best year yet. Personal reflection and growth is the name of the game whether it's photography, your personal life, or anything else you want to achieve.

EP #38 - Steven Drake Sheep Hunt Recap

In this episode Steven Drake talks about a multi-week trip documenting a sheep hunt for SITKA Gear. He discusses camera gear, how he felt he performed, what steps he'll take to improve, and how good physical health can make or break a mountain hunting photographer.

EP #37 - Preseason Rundown with the guys

Steven Drake and Zack Boughton get together and catch up on all things hunting, work, photography, and more.

EP #36 - Border Bulls and Shed Hunting

Zack Boughton and Steven Drake sit down and talk about the recent elk film Zack directed and edited called Border Bulls.  The guys dive into Drake's recent shed hunting and include some general content and industry advice like always. Enjoy!

EP#35 - Vlog life, camera settings, social media and more

Zack and Drake sit down and try to lay out some more relevant knowledge about the world of hunting content.

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